Research Report

Collaborative governance of environment and climate: good practices in China and other countries

The Institute has carried out joint research with the United Nations Environment Program and the climate and clean air alliance, and released the joint report "collaborative governance of environment and climate - good practices of China and other countries" during the UN climate action summit in September 2019. The report presents cases of collaborative governance between China and Chile, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ghana and Mexico. In particular, China's air pollution control and response to climate change have achieved significant synergy benefits in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.

Research and Publications

Methane is the second largest greenhouse gas (GHG) after carbon dioxide (CO2). The global warming potential of methane is around 84-87 times greater than that of CO2 in a 20-year period, and 28-36 times higher than that of CO2 over a 100-year time frame. Methane is also the second largest greenhouse